Day 24 No Hatch Help! Hovabator 1602N Thermal Incubator


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Oct 13, 2008
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Hovabator 1602N Thermal Incubator This is the incubator I have (was given used only once) and since I never used it and have no experience I also gave her the egg turner so she used that too. I gave it to a friend who has incubated in the past and today is day 24 and one pipped yesterday and then died so I went over today and candled and there are only 3 fully developed eggs and I couldn't tell if they are still moving...besides the pipped one that died. I left them in the bator and told her I would give it a few more days and see if you guys would have any tips. She said she followed the directions to the tee. Any suggestions on what may be the problem?
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I have the same bator. I have noticed the temp seems to fluctuate alot in this bator. I have some duck eggs that are supposed to hatch on thursday. But they look a little under developed. Which might be due the the temp fluctuation as well as humidity. Now this is my first time tring to hatch eggs so cant really give you any great advice.
Another thing you might try is to use more then one themometer. Try to find more yhen one that read the same temp, and place them all over the in side of your bator at all levels.

Watch that temp..On that incubator it goes back and forth or way to low.Its the wafer.I bought one and it never was any good.It cost me dearly Paid 155 plus and they sent me back 85..
Good luck
So do you think they may still hatch? I have 3 eggs left in there and ones I brought home and cracked open only one was developing that had died almost ready to hatch but had not absorbed the yolk at all. So even though it was day 24 it looked more like day 18 I guess???

I can;t complain on the price as it was given to me for free after only being used once but I bought the egg turner for it myself. SHould I buy a new wafer?


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