Day 25 duck eggs, movement in air cell??


May 14, 2020
We have (2) day 25 duck eggs, have seen slight wiggling of egg, and when candled I see movement on the small side of the air cells- that is on the side they should not pip. It looks like a shadow, but it does not look like the pictures of internal pips I've seen, not pointy at all. Is this an internal pip? It is normal? Reliable resources for hatching duck eggs? Having a hard time finding info. Thanks!
I just had my batch of duck eggs hatch, and they did that too. It’s called shadowing and is perfectly normal. It’s a precursor to the inturnal pip, when the duckling’s moving itself into position
Just to follow up- one of these ducklings was breech. He still pipped externally and I did assist by making the hole big and slathering with vaseline to avoid shrink wrapping- just for peace of mind. Cant remember now if he was the one in question in this post but he is grown and fine now.

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