Day 27 of my turkeys and ducks


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
I just candled for the last time and threw three of them away (2 turkeys and a duck) the rest though I'm not sure about because they have pretty big air cells. I figure it will be friday before they hatch because my thermometers been reading high (so my temps been low) Any way is there something I should know about just hatched ducks and turkeys? I have a chick to put with the turkeys and was going to put the ducks seperate (don't want the turkeys drowing while trying to swim a few months down the road.) I've got non medicated game bird starter for them both with high protene. anything else? C


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12 Years
Feb 28, 2007
South Eastern Indiana
Well, the turkeys will have to be shown where and how to eat and drink for a few days. They are not the I have heard. I just put a small hen in with mine for a few days, so she could teach them.
As far as the ducks, same goes with chicks....put marbles or stones in the water dish...but thats pretty much it..same way raiseing them, just alot messier! Boy do they love the water...and mixing food in the water. I have to change my baby ducks water about 4 times a day!

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