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    I set up the hovabator 1602N with an egg turner. I put in bantam eggs, some bb reds and black dutch.

    I had the eggs shipped, waited 24 hrs to put them in the bator so they were room temperature etc.

    The temperatures and humidity are all settles nicely now, I had run the bator for two days and played with it a LOT to get it right before eggs went in.

    My only concern is that the first day the temperature had gone up to 104 degrees, it must have been there for at least one hour, not sure now could even have been 3-4 hrs. I am scared that I may have cooked the eggs, I did read that the core temp of eggs is not the same as the air I might be ok.

    It has only been 3.5 days I candled several of the eggs, I do not see any veins developing yet etc, I have looked at pics of fertile eggs and mine look 'normal'. What exactly should I observe at 3 1/2 days?

    The first day the temperature did go up and down for quite a while, but I did steady it as I baby sat it.

    Maybe I justhave to be patient and candle at 7 days? to get the answers?
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    You shouldnt candle till at least a week. The embryos are very delicate the first ten days. And you really cant see anything at three days unless you have a super bright candler and great eyesight and a shell that's easy to see through.
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    I wouldn't handle the eggs at all.

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