Day 8 embryos: will they be okay? (turning, position, etc. questions)


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Hello. I have 12 eggs with 11, 8-day, verified embryos. The 12th egg still appears "empty". Of the 11 embryos, I have seen them all move at one time or another. I have been turning them 3 x a day but last night I was sick and they did not get turned for about 16 hours. Today, I can still see movement in the eggs but not most of the embryos: as though they are more central in the egg rather than right up next to the shell. The yolks don't seem as mobile (not floating to the top when I turn them) and I'm wondering if that is normal at this stage or because I forgot to turn them for many hours?

Hoping for a good hatch...last years was a sad failure :(
You should be ok. I have forgoten to turn mine before. I have noticed with mine they take some time before they end up on the new side after I have turned them.

It seems too that maybe things are just changing so fast in there that what appears "strange" might just be a normal part of their development.

Funny how we stress over this. There is just something about bringing life into the world the brings out those caring instincts!

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