Day 9 - sticky "sap" on eggs?


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Apr 18, 2014

I'm hatching chicks for the first time. I candled them yesterday for the first time. I have 7, and definitely have 4 good ones and 3 questionable. A friend of mine who is more experienced said to leave them until Tuesday and we will candle again. One of the ones in question has some yellowy, sticky "sap" like substance on it. I take it this isn't normal? Is it a sign that it will explode?? Should I get it out of the incubator?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Yes that happened to me last year and i just got it out on time as it nearly exploded over me ahha :lol: but yea throw it out and if u put up pics of the other two in question i might be able to help you :)
I just candled it and the shadow is at the pointy end of the egg (which is different than the others) - but I don't see any movement. If sap is a sign of exploding I will get rid of it.

The other 2 don't have any sap of them - yet. The one i am pretty sure isn't going to hatch...the shadow goes to whatever side of the egg is "up" when I candle and the 3rd one is still really in question (hoping for a lazy chick???)

With the second egg being so buoyant...should I get rid of that one too?
By day 9 you should have very well defined veins, and enough blood to see a reddish tinge through the shell when candling (assuming not exceptionally dark shells). Your weeping egg was probably not fertile and would be a time bomb, and the other two were probably early quitters. I just flung two turkey eggs into the garden for the same issue, roll the egg and the shadow rolls.
I'm only on my third hatch, so I'm no expert. I have had some just seem to float around & its fine. What day are you on? I decided for all of mine that (if they weren't sappy & stinky) they could stay in until lockdown. By then anyone who is forming you'll know for sure & anyone who isn' least you gave them a chance.
Thank you for all the responses! The sappy egg has been removed - in time :)

Is there any precautions I can take for the rest of my eggs? Is the fact that the sap egg was in there putting any of the others at risk?

I've been following the instructions for my incubator but I learn much better by other experiences....and this type of info isn't in the instruction manual :)
Foul eggs (pun intended) are a high risk if they explode. If not, it's about the same risk as handling eggs with unwashed hands, or washing eggs before setting.

Check those eggs again in a couple of days, if they haven't gotten more defined in appearance they are most likely early death.
As long as u got it out before it explodes (more just cause it would be difficult to clean the eggs, as u cant really clean them while they are during the hatching process) it shouldn't really make a difference
Perfect. Thanks so much, everyone! My boyfriend laughed at me when I was frantically trying to find a chicken forum. Jokes on him! It's so nice to know that there's such a knowledgable support group out there!

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