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    I have not found a day by day hatching guide (hatching with an incubator) and I don't have the experience to generate one by myself so I decided to ask you for help. Please respond with your suggestions as to what to do each day (candle, adjust humidity, etc.) and which days are milestones (when to toss duds, when lockdown starts, when they may move or peep.) I will edit this original post to try to add the suggestions in a useable format so that all of us beginners and anyone else can benefit. Please start your post with the day or days that you are talking about, for example...

    Day 1 -- set eggs
    Day 6 -- candle to determine development
    Day 21 -- piping begins

    We will assume that everyone is turning the eggs and keeping records so that will not have to be written on each day. Try to keep it fairly simple so it will be easy to read when it is finished.

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    Okay, I found Chook's Chick Incubation Cheat Sheet (Thanks, girl!) This has been as close to what I'm looking for as I can find, so far. She uses the dry method and I think I will give that a try. I guess what I need to know/verify is the specifics like "at what point do you toss eggs that you feel are not doing well?" I know that if I candle and the inside is clear, it is not fertile and I guess that is around day 7 (?) or is it later? Lockdown is on day 18 (3 days before hatch, right?) If I have an egg rot, when does it usually start to smell?

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