Day-old chick with foot problem

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  1. I remember reading a post about this but can't find it! I have a day-old chick that's foot is curled up, not straight. Can anyone probably tell me how to straighten it? I remember reading a post saying to do something with a bandaid but Im not sure exactly.
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    I had a BYC member help me out with crooked toes ,She made a flip flop out of duck tape. She put foot on the tape ,straighten out toes .Then took another piece of tape and put on top of foot .Then trimmed around to make it easier to walk.
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    Please give polyvisol enfamil (three drops in beak once a day for two weeks) along with the taped "boot" .... often there is a vitamin deficiency involved and this will address that (if the leg is not "bent" outwards at an odd angle then it is not slipped tendon)
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