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I am at a loss here and I need some or a lot of advice..
*Momma hen had her babies in her box above ground (all good there)
next day her and babies on the ground (still looking good)
next day she goes back to box and leaves babies on ground crying and
for hours they are crying and she doesn't care. I picked up 4 (1 to 3 day olds)
and I believe one isnt hers.. I now have them in a crate and mom is still
sitting in box I believe trying to have more babies..
Sorry I wanted to explain
What should I do? put babies back to cry and chance getting killed??
or keep them with me in crate? what should I feed them?? is another question
and I think the young ones do not know to drink from anything yet??

any advice would be much appreciated...
I found out that (the babies) listening to classical keeps them quiet and content
thank you and I hope everyone has a nice day
Feed them chick food. Get a small waterer and dip their beaks in it to get them used to it (not a dish they could fall into, if you have to use a dish use marbles or small rocks to make it drown proof). They need heat if you keep them in a crate. Read some of the articles on raising new chicks and be very very careful about the temperature, keep the heat on one side so they can move towards it or away from it.

If you don't have a heat lamp then look down a few posts and read the "mama heating pad" thread.

If you don't have chick food wet down some layer crumbles or pellets and offer them some of that, mix a little raw egg in if need be.

If you pen mama in with the chicks she may still raise them but you need to have the food and water close by. If she doesn't let them sleep under her then you will have to raise them yourself and make sure they are kept warm.
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If you have a Tractor Supply near you, go there and buy a small bottle of Poultry Nutri-Drench. ( 6.99) It's an emergency nutritional supplement which doesn't need digesting. Give each of the chicks one drop only by mouth. Put 2ml per gallon in their waterer. It should look like very weak tea. I use it in the waterer for the first 4 weeks for my chicks. Gets them off to a strong start and great for dealing with stress in their lives.
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