Day three :(

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In the Brooder
8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Well day three started out a good day. They were eating and cuddling and doing what feather babies do. Until about 4:00pm one of my babies stopped acting like a chick. She started breathing hard and just wanted to sleep. We tried giving her a little bit of sugar water but it didnt help. Lucy died and now Na-Na is extremely loud. I am not sure what went wrong with Lucy but she will be missed. Hopefully Na-Na is healthy I dont think I can bare to loose both babies....
The first week is the most common time for sudden chick deaths like that. It gets much less common in the second week, then you are generally go to go. Usually I have never less than 3 or 4 chciks so I don't end up with a lonely singleton.

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