daytime attach - any guesses what predator?


10 Years
Mar 20, 2009
Fairfield, CT
This is my first experience with chickens and now my first devastating predator "encounter." My babies (8 weeks old) had been hanging out in the back yard for a couple of weeks during the day with no issues (free ranging). Of course I was going to complete the coop over the weekend and last Friday 2 of my 6 my girls went missing. I found a row of under belly feathers about 6 feet long from the SLW and only a cluster of 4 feathers from the BO. We called for them for the rest of the rainy day and assumed maybe it was a hawk that took them. But... then on Sat morning I found lots of feathers and a wing and regurgitated parts of the BO. So sad, I thought she had survived the day but then got killed over night. Then Sunday I found the other wing. Then Tues I found a pile of feathers from the SLW (small feathers) and then Wed larger SLW feathers and more evidence. Then Thur I found another small group of feathers from the BO in another area. WHAT is going on? I feel like something is "messing with me!" I was so upset when they first went missing and now I can't imagine what has been bringing them out and eating them slowly in the middle of my yard at night. Any thoughts? It could be fox, racoon, cat, hawk, skunk...

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