daytime buddies?


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Jun 1, 2008
Ohio near Coshocton
I have 9 hens that are full grown and 6 chicks that were hatched in August. I was wondering if it would be good to let them all run together in the daytime and then cage the babies at night. Right now the babies are in the house here but I want to put them in some cages in the coop with the hens so they can sniff beaks for a while. But during the day the coop can be kinda warm. It would be a week or so before I move them into the coop all since they still like their heater. They have an oil heater near the cage to help at night and a nightlight to give them a little light.


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Jul 18, 2007
Sevier county, Tn.
I Put my 3 chicks out in a cage on a table in the carport 2 weeks ago,
they too were hatched on Aug.
but have no heat or night light our nights
have been in the 50s but the days get warm
I cover them with heavy rug. at nightfall.
and they have been fine, i am putting their cage into the coop to see how the others except them. before i turn them
out with the older ladies.and the 2 roos.


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Jul 20, 2008
with maurice, the original space-cowboy
i have ALL mine mixed,,, and there isnt any difference in day or night for them to be together,, in fact,, they would get along better at night when all their interested in doing is roosting. i have 3 weeks out with a pair of full grown i use as baby sitters, and at 3 months, the babies go in with the rest of my flock. they'll get "pecked" a few times to let them know the pecking order,, but is very rare that a full grown will do any real harm to a baby,,,, babies move pretty fast, and learn even faster,,lol

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