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  1. macadam8157

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    Mar 31, 2011
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    Just bought a 50lb bag today at the local feed store. Now for the questions!!! I have an 8x8 coop using sand as litter. What is best way to apply it to the litter and how much should I put down??? Also how often is this needed to be done?
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    I would personally (carefully and wear a mask) shake a thin layer over the floor- like shaking carpet powder.

    BUT I would put it in greater amounts wherever they take a dust bath in the coop, if they do.

    I also put DE right on my chickens periodically. This needs to be done for it to be a preventative IMO because I have had mites pop up with just putting it on the pine shavings in copious quantities.

    If you can get them to put it on themselves via a dust bath, all the better.

    This is just my opinion. I hope others tell their experiences.

    I have a wood floor and use sweet PDZ and DE interchangeably for the floor every other day or so, so that I use the whole floor like a poop board. It is very dusty but works well for me. It won't work in a cold climate due to frozen poo on the floor.

    I would LOVE to try sand on the floor. [​IMG] Good for you!

    Don't neglect your walls if you have crevices where the red mite can hide. Those should be sprayed with Poultry Protector or Orange Guard (or something of the sort) to keep them away---

    or if you like chemicals, permethrin spray periodically to get those mites killed if they are there.
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    I use it in both the coop where I too, have a wood floor and out in the pen, on the chickens and on the dogs- works decently for fleas. I just got a container and go out and sprinkle over everything. It defiantely helps dry out the poo in the pine shavings. I reapply outside once a week, sooner if it rains. If it rains, then once everything is dry I go toss out more.
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    newbie here whatis de?
  5. Annie84

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    diatomaceous earth.

    We use it in our dog runs, and plan to with the chickens as well. The stuff is awesome, and helps keep down insects. We haven't had a problem with fleas, ticks or worms with our dogs since we've started using it, and it's all we've used for any of those (we still use Ivermectin for HW preventative, though)
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    Quote:lots of info on the FAQ page
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    I use it in the run, in the coop, in the nest boxes, in their dust bath and in their feed. I use most of a coffee can full with 80# feed. Before I started putting it in their feed, when I put it on top of their dust bath, they would eat most of it. I use the Red Lakes DE, it has a lot of minerals in it.
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    Quote:Please be aware that it is FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth that is used ONLY. There are lots of opinions about it both pro and con. You'll have to make up your own mind after having read some of the discussions. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yep thats the kind i got zookeeper >D

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