DE & Roosting Poles :) (Weird combo, I know)

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    Hi all.

    Since you guys are my amazing go-to source for all information I have a few questions (one unrelated to the other)

    How far off the ground are they supposed to go? Can the chickens fly up to them, or do they need a few levels/ladder to reach?

    What is it used for? How do I use it? Where do I get it?

    Sorry for so many questions so early in the morning... I figured if my brain is fried I might as well share the love [​IMG][​IMG]:barnie
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    DE is to prevent mites, lice etc. Roosts - I have one that the lowest level is 10 inches off the floor and another that is about 2 1/2 foot up. Different birds like each, depends on if yours are big fliers or not!. Out of all my roosts most of the chickens still prefer the rafters and they don't have a ladder to get there.
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    Roosts: The roosts should be higher than the nesting boxes. it really depends on your bird whether or not you need ladders. I have a few that can jump about 4 feet vertically, and some that can't even jump 2. If you have it up high, you could possibly consider a ramp system up so that it takes up less floor space.

    DE: it is used for practically everything. you can put it down to help control flies, put it in their dust bath or spread it on the coop to help protects against mites and bugs, and put it in their food to de-worm. Some local TSC sell it, but I had to order mine online. Here is a website that describes what it is used for:
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    Understand, there is a lot of debate on here about DE. I feel claims are sometimes made for it that are unwarranted. It will certainly not cure an infestation of lice/mites, though it may helps control their numbers. And I have never seen any documentation that it works internally as a wormer. It does dry things out, and help with odor and probably flies. It is used as a drying agent (in small quantities) in feed. (It also kills soft bodies insects in the garden quite effectively.)

    from the FAQ page:

    Q: What is DE, how is it used and is it safe for my chickens?
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    The height of a roost pole may depend on the size of your chickens and how much room they have to fly back down. Heavy body birds, while probably able to go straight up quite high will have trouble with landing that same distance straight back down. So consider how big your birds are (or will be) and how much run out space they have to make a cushy landing. That'll help you decide how high to make your roost even if you choose to provide a ramp/ladder.

    The use of DE (food grade only!) has already been explained by others here so I won't waste your time repeating. Some folks are lucky in having a local feed store that sells it. There are several places online to get it. I've actually gotten DE on Ebay for a better price than anyplace else I could find.
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