DE what is it? And weed killer question

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    May 6, 2010
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    I have read it in posts and tried to search it to understand what it is and I still don't think I fully understand what it is and how it is used? Also if we need to put weed killer on our yard is there a recommended one to get and how long do the chicks have to stay off of it?
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    DE is diatomaceous earth. Use ONLY the food-grade DE around chickens, because the non-food-grade is toxic. You can sprinkle DE on their coop bedding to dry it out and keep down the fly population. Some people sprinkle it on the roosts and around the coop to keep away mites. It's also supposed to kill internal parasites, if eaten. IDK, I haven't tried that.

    About weed killer, I have no idea. I don't use any weed killers at all, since my chickens EAT all the weeds. [​IMG]
  3. we have used it for 3 years ,,,, no trouble yet and it works

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