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    Dec 17, 2011
    SO far none of my chickens have worms. I de-wrom them once every 1-2 months.

    But, I've been eating the eggs!!I use wazine 17. Someone told me not to eat the eggs.. Will I get worms? Will I die or get sick?? I'm very worried.
    MY chickens are healthy and never showed signs of worms.

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    I don't know much about the issue, but I don't want you worrying until morning.

    In general, whatever goes into your chickens, goes into you. So, when you de-worm them, their meat - their eggs contain the de-worming medicines and by eating the eggs, so do you. There are some old timers here that continue to eat those eggs. They don't sell them, however, because of the meds. There are some old timers here that feed those eggs back to the chickens or to their other animals until the meds are out of the chicken's bodies.

    Will you die? Some day, yes, but not from eating your eggs. Will you get worms? No, you are in effect de-worming yourself with the eggs - not as strong a dose as you hens get, of course.

    Most folks here will tell you never to de-worm unless you know your hens have worms. Some have had chickens for years and never wormed them. Some worm their chickens 2 times a year only. Some a bit more often. I haven't seen anyone else who does it every 1 - 2 weeks..

    I know you will get much more specific info from your question that I have given. Just don't worry!
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    I see that no one answered your question about eating eggs after de-worming them. I am surprised!
    If you do a bit of research on the site you can find more knowledgeable about the subject.
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    Why are you deworming so often? You are feeding yur chickens a strong toxin and also increasing the chances that any surviving worms will have a better chance of being resistant to the medicine, becoming super worms. Most parasitologists recommend only using dewormers when absolutely necessary, when the worm load is heavy, using a proper dose, retesting to make sure the animal is clear and not retreating until the wormload is again high.
  5. If you give them a nice dose of Cayenne Pepper for you wormer than eating the eggs is good. I would not eat an egg after worming them with most medicines. Let it run through their systems first. You should not have to be worming them as much as you stated in your post. Worming that much can not be good for the chickens. Cayenne Pepper and regular old black pepper are good for not only worming your birds but also help jumpstart egg laying in winter months.
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    Apr 2, 2010
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    No, you won't die, and you won't get worms. If anything, you'll be de-wormed![​IMG]

    That being said. I don't recommend eating eggs for 7 days after worming them because the wormer can get into the eggs, I suppose. Piperazine (wazine) is a pretty safe wormer used in all sorts of animals, including dogs and cats, but I think it only affects the digestive system (not sure--a vet could tell your for certain). It certainly doesn't take out roundworms that have migrated inside a dog.[​IMG]

    Anyway, you really don't want to keep dosing yourself or your chickens with that stuff constantly, despite the safety factor. Wormers are toxic; otherwise, they wouldn't work. [​IMG]

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