Dead duckling


May 21, 2017
hey everyone!
I've been reading the forums for well over a year as we started our chickens and ducks in 4/2016. We have from last year 10 chickens and 11 ducks. We lost one duck last year. This year we have three chickens and four ducks until today one died. I'm hoping someone can help.

We have the four in a brooder that we religiously clean daily. A few weeks ago one of the ducklings was not growing as well as the others. She then started walking funny, then not well, then not at all and today she died. This happened last year with one as well.

I've looked for answers everywhere but the only ones I find would have affected all of them not just one. Please do NOT tell me it's niacin, vitamins, any other supplement, or the feed as we take really good care to do all of those things. She would eat and drink as well. Today she was half the size of the others. Last year it was a Khaki and this year a Rouen. Is there a genetic issue that these ducks may have that causes this? It certainly can't be the environment or the food and water since the other ducks are all thriving.


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Jul 16, 2015
Sometimes they aren't formed correctly and will fail to thrive. I think maybe it is just a coincidence that it has happened 2 years in a row for you.

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