Dead hen in nesting box


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Jul 10, 2013
This morning I found a 1 year old hen dead in her nesting box. Her head was curled under like she was looking down and her right wing was straight out. Can chickens have strokes?
This was my favorite hen, the alpha in the flock. She was a beautiful cochin and very friendly. The flock has been under more than usual stress lately, a new coop and pen, 2 new adult hens and 7 new 2 month old chicks introduced in the last week. Everyone has been getting along phenomenally and just last night this particular hen was eating and drinking normally. I can't think of any other reason a healthy young hen would just die overnight. Any help would be appreciated.
She could have died from stress. Often when you switch coops it takes them awhile to get used to their surroundings. She also could have died due of an egg impaction, especially if you found her on the nest.
In a sudden death like that, heart attack or stroke are the usual suspects. Just like people some have hidden medical problems that can unexpectantly show up. I had a hen die on the nest once while she was laying an egg. She had not been showing any signs of any problems.

It’s not anything you did wrong, just that when you deal with living animals you sometimes have to deal with dead animals, whether that is dogs, cats, or chickens. That doesn’t make it easier.

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