Dead Hen - Puddle of Fluids From Beak?

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    When I found our second hen dead today, there was a large pool of fluids that came from her beak - do all respiratory infections/diseases cause this build-up or would this be iconic for pneumonia?

    I started an earlier post about which virus/disease this could be and all the conditions, symptoms they are having, etc. They are currently on antibiotics and the vet's office isn't open until tomorrow. [​IMG] I sat in the garage holding our rooster bawling my eyes out like some 8 yr old who lost their hamster lol. This is so tragic! We separated the 6 ill chickens/roo in the garage and are hoping they will get better with treatment but it doesn't seem to be helping?

  2. speckledhen

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    That isn't unusual for any hen who dies. Sometimes, when a hen has died from anything, fluids will drip from the beak just after death. I've seen it many times from my hens who have died from internal laying. Some of them had fluid in their abdomens and probably throughout the body, perhaps in the lungs at the end, but not all of them. It doesn't necessarily mean respiratory illness at all. Sometimes, fluid is related to heart failure, sometimes not.
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    Jul 31, 2009
    So sorry for you loss, I hope your others make it. Lost a hen recently and cried like a baby so I can relate. [​IMG]
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    I would make sure you are using the right antibiotic for the flock.
    I've cried alot this year. Bad year for me [​IMG]

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