Dead Hen


8 Years
Nov 7, 2011
Los Angeles Area

I had 6 hens, all approx 7 months old. Giada, the highest in the order died.

The day before, they were all running around the front yard and being happy chickens. They all look healthy.

Yesterday morning, she even laid an egg (she was my most productive and steady layer).

I heard a loud, strange, almost gutteral Bwaak! that seemed like her, too. It was different enough that I went out to see what was wrong... They were all there, just pecking away and acting like they normally do.

About an hour later, Wife calls for me to "come here, quick!", which always in the past meant trouble.

I went to the back, and there she was, lying there dead (the other five didnt seem to notice or care).

Actually, it seems as if she was standing...and just sat down and died.

Quite the shock. A "healthy" bird one moment, a dead bird next.

Quite perplexed and sad.... she was our queen and we lost her.
So sorry about your poor Giada. It is not too uncommon to hear of chickens dying all of a sudden, and it is often attributed to a heart attack or stroke. I haven't read about really sudden deaths that later were found to be due to something contagious.
I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts to lose the queen of the flock.

I agree with the previous post - it happens a lot. It happened to me when my gorgeous 9-month old Delaware cockerel came out into the pen one morning, let out a loud, lusty crow, and dropped down dead. He was the picture of health, until he died suddenly for no reason.
Thank you for your words.

Yes, my biggest fear is where or not it is contagious.

I loath letting them out in the morning, and find myself scrutinizing all their behaviors....

*sigh*... I guess that's life in ChickenVille...

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