Dead hens for no apparent reason


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8 Years
Jun 27, 2011
I need some help. Ive been keeping layers for 5 years and have lost only a couple since I began. I have lost 4 in the last 4 weeks. One I think was egg bound and I couldnt help her but the other 3 were dead in the coop with no signs of stress - clean, no blood, no feathers missing, etc. They are usually under or near the roost, so I think they are falling off of it when they die. The flocks seems healthy and robust after a very hard winter. The latest one was exactly a year old (barred rock), one last week was a 2 yr old buff orpington, and before that a 1 year old black star... Its been a slow spring and very windy so I wonder if they might have gotten injured in the wind, but there is no sign of injury. Ive been watching them very carefully to see if they are all active and I have no indication before I find them dead. Any thoughts???


7 Years
Mar 7, 2012
will your state vet do a necropsy? In California, the state vet will do necropsies on backyard flocks for free. You should look it up online and ask them if they provide that service. They will run lab tests and everything and pinpoint the exact cause of death so you know what you are dealing with.


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Mar 24, 2009
California, central valley
I agree, a necropsy would be best. Other then that, have you checked them over for lice/mites? Have they ever been dewormed? Could they have eaten something toxic or eaten some feed that went moldy?

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