dead in shell, trying to rescue tomorrow's hatch

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    Dec 6, 2012
    hey chicken gurus,

    I posted a few hours ago asking for advice since I had 3 fully formed silkies die in shell this morning. (one pipped 3 days late and unzipped halfway then died, the other 2 didn't even pip internally). I've been reading reading reading. I'm pretty sure my temperature is OK. I've now learned that my eggs' air cells are way too small, so my humidity must have been too high this whole time! I've had it at 60%ish all through incubation. The air cells look like they should at day 7, whoa! There are fully formed embryos wiggling around in there.

    So..... Now what? Are they doomed? I removed the water. Now the humidity is at around 30%. Should I decrease humidity gradually, or all at once? Will a sudden drop in humidity hurt them? How can I assist them with moisture loss without hurting them?

    Is the danger of "shrink-wrapping" the babies only after they've pipped?

    I have a little computer fan in there, should I turn it off? Or maybe keep it on but turn it off during pipping?

    I'm going crazy over here, somebody please tell me what to do, or tell me who I can ask or what I can read. These aren't particularly valuable chicks, I just hate for them to develop fully and just die when they're so close to making it. Poor little guys.
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    There is a response to your questions under the heading of hatching - good luck!

    Increase the humidity.....


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