Death by Avian Pox (or???)

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    Mar 31, 2011
    I have (well.. had..) 3 one-year-old hens, all laying nicely. They were all out wandering the yard yesterday, looking healthy and normal, all laid eggs yesterday, nothing I can see wrong with poop.

    This morning, one of them was curled up on the bottom of the coop, head tucked, dead.

    After some research and a little examination I think it might be Avian Pox, but she was eating and drinking normally 15 hours before her death... and most of the information on pox says it shouldn't be fatal! Picture attached- much milder than most photos you see on line of the pox, so I assume she didn't have it that badly... I'd love any thoughts on whether this was a mystery death or a pox death!

    At least one of the other hens is showing some white and black spots on her comb... I assume I cannot vaccinate the other two now, like with humans there is no point if she already has the pox?

    Should I rub iodine on all scabs, or just if they get scabs on beak or eyes? Any other tricks / tips / specifics on how to keep the other two alive and well, or warning signs??

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