Decisions, decisions! (and sooo many questions!)

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13 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Up at the barn
I want to add a new breed this spring and cannot make up my mind. I have buff rocks. I'm working to reestablish my RIRs. I want another breed from the American class and cannot make up my mind between barred rocks, blue rocks, and delawares.

I do know where to find nice barred rocks and blues; however, I don't know of an NPIP breeder of dellies (eggs or chicks). Will I have to settle for hatchery chicks in order to get NPIP stock?

If I have to start with hatchery stock, which hatchery has the best dellies with the best temperaments? It's been my experience that temperament is harder to improve than any other quality except maybe egg production, so I want to start out with the best temperaments I can find--IF I do decide to go with delawares this spring. Knowing me, I'll probably change my mind a dozen times between now and then.
LOL that's part of the fun!

As ever, all your comments are really appreciated!


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