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11 Years
Aug 23, 2008
Y'all may remember a while back me posting about my daughter bringing home a pup about 10 minutes before a major thunderstorm. He was dumped too young to leave the mama and had a slight case of mange. We really didn't want another dog and had already been real clear about no more animals but we didn't want him out in that storm either. I was going to look for a home for him but when I took him to the vet he had a mild case of mange so we decided to treat him which took almost 3 months before we could introduce him to the other dogs. We built him his own dog house and everything. But I've been mulling over trying to rehome him still. He's had all of his shots. The issue is he is more dog than my son can handle and my son doesn't like him very much. My husband and son do walk the dogs every day together. But when my son goes out to take out the trash and such and the pup just doesn't listen to him at all. I keep telling my son that he has to really let that dog know who the boss is. The other dogs listen just fine. But everyday I see him having trouble with the new dog going in and out to the trash. I'm just about to the point of saying "If you can't get that dog to see you as boss then the dog is going to go" because the dog really does need to know his place. In reality that wouldn't hurt my sons feelings. So now I'm just thinking whether or not to go ahead and try to rehome him.
If he is too much dog for your son and your son doesnt really like him, then I say rehome him.
Find someone who can handle that much dog and actually likes him.
Its not fair to the dog or to you guys to keep him. He needs a home where he is wanted.
I am bummed a bit that it's not working out. I'm just as good to him as the other dogs. But there's a reason they are called family pets. And he just isn't meshing with the family. If my son and the dog don't come around in the next week or so the dog's gonna need to be rehomed. It's too bad to because my pointer really likes him.
2 things...

1. If he doesn't like the dog he's more likely to take resentment out on the dog and thats not good.

2. My personal belief is that a dog left out in the yard, and not living in the house with you, is less likely to bond with you as much as an inside dog will. They take much longer to learn manners and will have less respect for you as alpha, because you're not around that much, he's on his own.

I'd rehome him since it sounds like no one really wants to be bothered with him. It was nice of you to address his medical needs, but now he needs a home.
So here's what happened with Jinjo. About a week and a half ago he began chasing our cat. I was out there when he did it and when I called him off he flinched just long enough for her to get away. Fast forward a couple of days we noticed that she wouldn't leave the enclosed patio anymore. She would come to the glass doors and meow her head off. Then last week my hubby and son came in the back yard as they finished walking the dogs. Jinjo immediately took off after the cat, the cat was terrified, the guys were yelling at the dog and it didn't stop him at all. My hubby said my son jumped on the dog and the cat got away. Now I wasn't there but my hubby said the dog was out to get the cat and it was not good. So we decided to put an add out for him. 2 days and no response. So Friday we did something I never wanted to ever do. But I couldn't have lived with myself if he would have killed my cat. We took him to the local shelter. I didn't want to take him when the kids were home and this week is spring break. Yesterday I checked petfinder to see if his picture was up. Nothing. Today I checked again. Still no picture. So I called the shelter to check on him. HE GOT ADOPTED!!!! A gal in the country needed a good strong dog and she didn't have any cats and things were going well. I am sooooo relieved. After taking care of him one on one for 3 months because he was too young to leave his mama and he had mange, getting all his vaccinations including his rabies shots, building him a dog house, and caring for him for a total of 5 months I was really bummed and hoped that I didn't rescue him for nothing. I am so happy to know that it wasn't all for nothing. What a saga.

I do have to say tho that this wasn't a case of not wanting to bother with him. I didn't go looking for a dog but while I had him he was well taken care of and I played with him every day as well as him having two canine companions that he played with as well and being walked every single day. So he was not in any way neglected while in my care. He was definitely socialized with us and other dogs. That stinker would almost always get my fingers a little when I gave him a bone but I could give him kibble from my finger and thumb pinched together and he would gently lick it from my fingers. He just didn't fit with my son and then the issue's with the cat.

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