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    I've read a lot about the Deep Litter Method but I am confused about one thing. Many people talk about using this method in their COOP. To me, the coop is where the hens stay inside to nest or sleep. The RUN is where they get to run around if they aren't free ranging. Since my coop is actually an enclosed Omlet Eglu (the plastic thing) and it has a poop tray, I just dump the poop from the tray into our compost bin. But, I do spread out straw in their RUN and I think I'm employing the deep litter method because we don't see flies or smell much in their area, and the run is just a bunch of posts with chicken wire so it's open to the air. Is this going to work, using the deep litter method in their RUN? I don't need it really in their coop.


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    It will work until it starts raining or snowing. Then you'll have a mess on your hands.
    I've heard of folks putting straw on the ground in the winter, but here in MN it would freeze to the ground, be impossible to remove until the spring thaw and then would turn into a moldy muddy mess. So far I've just stuck with sand in my covered run.

    Maybe you live where you have mild weather?

    Your coop is pretty small and has a slatted floor, right? Can't do deep litter on that style floor anyways.

    Hopefully others will chime in with more advice.

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