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    I am going to try the deep litter method for the winter in my coop and I have a few questions. I have a heavy wire floor in the coop for summer. I plan on putting plywood or rubber over it for the winter. Which do you think would be better? I was also wondering if it is OK to use Stall Dry with the deep litter method to help keep it dry? I have been having trouble finding the food grade DE.
    Thanks for you help.

  2. I think I would vote for the plywood, it would breath a little more and maybe would stay warmer then the rubber? And for the DE I had to go to a feed store. They were actually out of it, I have to wait for the next shipment...and the supplier for that only brings it in once a month!

    I'm not familiar with stall dry but at tsc they have stall boy. The manager said it stings the feet a little more then DE. I decided not to get it.
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    I use stall dry from the local feed store with my silkies.. and they don't seem to mind it. I also use DE but when I cleaned pens to start the deep litter method I use it and then about every so many hand fulls of wood chips I ad a bit helps with the smell. But I will say a little goes a long way.
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    I'm using the deep litter method in my coop (2x4 roost box area). I have a plywood floor and put rubber matting over it. I put a thin layer of Stall Dry on the bottom then added pine shavings, layering in some DE and Poultry Dust with the shavings. I also layered in some Lavender buds (since I have about 80 plants). Lavender is a natural insect repellent, so I figured it wouldn't hurt.
    I clean out any excess poop, rake and fluff a little, and add shavings (with DE and PD) when needed. My coop stays dry and clean smelling and the girls have a nice "bed" to cuddle into if they don't want to sit on thier roost (no heat in the coop for winter). Since I don't really disturb the very bottom, where the Stall Dry is, I don't worry about it for the girls - although I believe the brand I got from TSC said it's basically DE and clay, so should be no problem.
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    Quote:I did that the other day. They gave me pine shavings instead of the white shavings I usually get. The pine shavings seem to be more like sawdust then shavings. I'm using it because it's to far back to the feed store and since I have a well ventalated full-size coop I think it will be ok, but I'll make sure I get the right stuff next time. I like the white shavings better, they break down, but start out more chip like and not as dusty.

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