Deep Litter with Ducks, Predators/Ventilation


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Feb 27, 2015
I posted this in the coop forum, but didn't get feedback, hoping for A couple thoughts.

We have an 8x8 coop and 10x10 run that we are getting down to the nitty gritty with finishing For ducks We plan to coop them at night, the coop is a shed we built, but we are not craftsmen, so there are small cracks (can not slide a shim through). There are also the cracks at the top with the galvanized roof ridges. No cracks are very large, but it's not airtight. We are also putting in 4 4"x8" vents, and there are 4 windows and a louvered door as the coop door. All are additionally protected with hw cloth. I have read and know the importance of predator proofing, and while I'm shooting for fort knox, want to make sure I'm not overthinking.

Is my ventilation good?
I was planning on sealing up all cracks, but then read for deep litter, ventilation is key.

Are there any predators who can slip through thin cracks and will do harm, either to the ducks or as vermin?

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I am not an expert but i am sure some of the experienced breeders will shime in... i have almost an adentical situation, for the small cracks i use the expanding foam to prevent water or cold or anything leaking in... for predator protection i used chicken wire all sround and on top i used 3 inch crushed rock, i know from raising other animals critters cant dig rocks and for more safety i added chicken wire underneath. And s a me goes all around the coop and the pen fencing... check out the pictures i hope that helps ...





in this last picture you can i added rocks under the wood floor to prevent digging and better drainage and on top i adde some of the corrugated plexiglass easier to clean and dry than wood...
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WOW what a great space you have created ducky momo! As far as overthinking your fort knox, Kangasox, Your build sounds really comfy & good to me, but what does anyone know that is not in your shoes. We may think it is over building right up until some tragedy happens. Mine is, lets say MUCH more airy than air tight LOL but I live in the city and have different predator concerns than someone in the boonies. Different weather is also a huge factor.
If it is not ventilated well enough your nose WILL let you know. will Also watch the behaviour of the animals, they let you know when things arent right.
good luck!
I live out in the country we got long winters and a boat load of predators, i would rather be safe than sorry... i ran electric to the leanto for winter heat lamp... next a cieling fan is going in for ventillation. I got 12 ducks and probably after the county fair i might have more :) cant resist going through the poultry section without bringing a couple back home with me :)...
I believe that a half inch is recommended as the largest gap. That said, there's a difference between a half inch hardware cloth gap and a gap that runs several inches….

Ventilation is important - one way to check it is to go into the shelter yourself - can you breath easily? Our first duck house had a drop ceiling with polycarbonate panels that could slide so that I could open it wide in hot weather or close it up mostly in very cold weather. It was fun to make - just wooden runners near the top of the wall, and three clear panels from the big box store.
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