Deep wounds on very young chick


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Nov 5, 2012
While my friend was away one of her show birds went broody and hatched a "surprise" clutch of eggs. The person suppose to be watching them, of course, didn't care enough to check. So when this little chick waddled out of the nest with the others, she dumped it on me. And I am no expert.

I am not sure how long the chick has been like this. I would say at least 24 hours to 48 hours. All of the right leg from the mid thigh down to the foot is exposed to bone and tendons. None of the tendons appear to be torn or cut, just the flesh is gone and/or ripped off.

I am not sure how to treat such a deep injury. No vet in the area I know of deals with chickens.

Should anti-botics be an option?
What should I and what shouldn't I treat the wound with?

This is what I've don so far:

The chick IS eating and drinking. It has vitamins and probiotics in the water. I cleaned the leg of all debris and old blood. Then washed it alternating flushes of peroxide/fresh water/peroxide/fresh water then I coated the entire leg in an anti-biotic ointment that also happens to have "pain-relief" (is this okay or should I go out and buy one without any pain medication? It was all I had on hand.) The chick is on layers of folded paper towel to keep the wound clean of shavings and other debris. The ointment is very thick and seems to be keeping any dust off the actual wound and just on the surface.
I might think about euthanizing her because the odds are against her in way of infection and pain. If it's just tendons and bone, I doubt there's any way to grow skin back. You really gotta think about what's the kindest thing for her.

If you are treating, I would put some antibiotic ointment on , and wrap it. I wouldn't use peroxide now because it may burn. It's just too much at this point. NO pain relief ointment!!!!! "Caine" will kill the bird. Just wrap it with ointment , and if she needs pain meds, give her a crumb of an aspirin.
I wouldn't recommend using peroxide more than once or on that deep of a wound. For relatively superficial wounds it can be ok as an initial wash but on deep wounds it can cause other complications. Also using it more than once can be detrimental because it will kill the new tissue that is granulating in...
Shortly after posting I Euthanized the chick. There was too much pain and too deep a wound, just thought I'd see if there was a possibility of anything being done for it.
Thanks everyone for your advice.
Aw, I'm sorry.
I am so very sorry, but I think you did the right thing. Sometimes these babies are just not compatible with life and need to be sent back to the mix. In MHO you did the right thing.
Thank you all, <3 I really love BYC community for their information and support. The little guy is better off and though I was depressed about it at first, it really was for his better sake. If it were me I'd want to go as well. We all love our chickens and the chick reminded me that even though it might be painful for me, its all about the better option for our chickens.
Thank you again BYCers

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