Deer forage for planting in chicken field?

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  1. Not sure rape weed is safe. Thanks

    The bag of seed I saw has rapeseed in it. I have two fields and one I need to reseed
  2. No one knows if deer forage seesds with rapeweed included in the mix is safe for chickens?

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    Chickens aren't grazers. so it really doesn't matter what you plant.
    The amount of greenery they eat is very small compared to seeds and insects.

    Rapeseed is just Canola, and is safe to eat, but you'd be better off to just plant Clover or Oats instead of a "Deer" mix
  4. I planted oats on some lightly tilled ground and a mixture of oats and deer forage in a small spot as a experiment. Now I I have my fingers crossed some of it starts sprouting.
  5. It's all sprouting ,I'm seeing clover and the oats coming up. The clover is from the deer seed. Should have a nice green field for them later this fall and will shut the other field down and lightly till it and sow seed in that pasture. I'm going to go with some winter wheat next time I think.

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