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  1. KandJsmama

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    So my 13 month old EE hen has decided she will not be laying eggs anymore. Since she started, she has consistently laid eggs every other day and sometimes everyday. It has now been 10 days since I have seen an egg from her and she seems to be perfectly healthy otherwise. She is eating regularly, acts normal and I could not find any symptoms of her being egg bound. We are still seeing triple digit temps but she was one of the best layers when we had our severe hot weather last month so I don't think that is a factor. Has anyone had this happen before? If so, did your girl eventually resume laying? We miss her light blue eggs [​IMG]
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    All chickens eventually do a full molt sometime after their first year, exact age depends on when they were hatched, and most stop laying for awhile. Last fall all of mine went on strike for a month while they molted. Excessively high temps may also throw a hen off laying for a week or so. In July all my bantams stopped laying and half went broody from the heat. It's really not uncommon and that's why it's suggested you have slightly more chickens than the number of eggs you want. You can always sell extras and it's guranteed that they'll go through a dry spell at some point.
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    Thanks. She doesn't seem to be losing any feathers so I am not sure if it is molting yet. Of course I have never seen a chicken go through molt so maybe she is pre-molt and I don't recognize it. I am relieved to know that they take breaks from time to time. I was really starting to worry that she could be finished for good.
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    Are you sure she doesn't have a hidden nest somewhere? My ee is very instinct driven. She doesn't even lay yet, and I know in my heart she will be the one to start a nest out there somewhere she thinks is safe and hidden! Just a thought! Maybe a cooler spot?
  5. KandJsmama

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    We have searched and one hasn't turned up yet. She has had hidden nests twice before so if she does have one, she had outsmarted us with it.
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    Some of my EE's have quit or have really slowed down. Several are molting visably and look pretty sad. I consol myself with the knowlege that less feathers = cooler chicken right now and at least some are still laying. Last year I got no eggs during the summer. Our extreme heat is harsh and I feel bad for the girls. It'd be better if it would at least cool down more in the evening cuz at least they'd get a break from panting. I wouldn't worry about your girl. It's probably better to break/molt now so that you can get her up and running for fall and winter. My garden stops producing late July-August too, but it's raring to go mid September.
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    My oldest EE doesn't lay in the winter and it seems she don't lay when it's hot either. AS a matter of fact, very few of my hens have laid for a month now. I had a talk with them and told them if they don't start to pay their rent i'll squeeze the eggs out. o they'll get evicted. I have 14 hens and get from 1 to 3 eggs a day.
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    I had an EE that had a hidden nest and laid her eggs there. It took a couple days to find it and I was pleased by how smartly it was hidden. Good bird.
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    The will go off from laying in extreme heat (i.e. triple digits or high 90's) and sometimes cold, they stop for molting, they stop for broodiness and sometimes they just take a break.

    With the heat, it is a very very good probability that the heat has caused the stop in laying.
  10. KandJsmama

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    Thanks everyone. I am going to stop worrying about then. I knew asking some chicken veterans would clear this up. [​IMG]

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