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    May 22, 2019
    We our raising our first flock and have six 12 week olds and two 8 week old rescues, 3 of which we think we know are roosters. One roo in particular is beating up one baby in particular, a female. Because it is male on female I don't believe it to be a pecking order issue - to top that off, the older hens don't seem to pay any attention to the 2 younger ones. So here is my question - at what point does normal pecking order bussiness become bullying? The 3 we think are roosters really beat each other up a few weeks ago (missing head feathers and bloody faces). My husband was able to break up the last bullying session this evening before to much damage was done but baby Opal was scraped up enough to be bleeding. Do I let them hash this out or intervene? It seemed to be a "one and done" with the older ones but they are all the same size and breed. Opal is a small female black sex link. The odd ball of the bunch.

    I hope that ramble makes sense! :)
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    Hi! if there is blood drawn i would define that as too much and seperate them. When Opal was injured was it from pecking or mating? A rooster that pecks hens is not a good rooster IMO.
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    Not bullying, it is cockrels being jerks they're good at it.
    You need to seperate the boys from the girls it will only get worse.
    Those hormones are a real mofo.:)
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    Ditto Dat^^^
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