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Aug 15, 2019
Andover, CT
I have estimated that my 2 olive eggers chicks are about a week older than the rest of my chicks. Over the past week, week and a half I have had a feeling one of them is a roo. It's comb is much redder than the other one and it definitely has chunkier legs. Well today I noticed he is definitely showing wattle growth where my suspected hen has not. He is actually a lot more laid back then his female counterpart. I am getting the same feeling that one of my sapphire gems is also a roo. As it's comb is much redder than the other 2. (These were all sold to me as pullets.) Here is a shot of my suspected olive egger rooster. :)


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Best guess is between 3-4 weeks. Purchased them on 8/11. And the olive eggers seemed to be several days older than the rest. I'm very torn on what to do as this is a brand new flock and it's looking like 2 roosters and 6 hens.
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