deformed baby chicken batch in my incubator lower bum area

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  1. quinton

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    Jan 2, 2013
    my eggs starting hatching yesterday 12 light sussex eggs and a mix of eggs. the first one that hatched came out fast and fine within 3 hours then the others started hatching all well and good until it came out of the egg and all so far have like a hole/ball umbilical cord thing hanging out where the chicken lays a egg? its a mess i tried putting a few back in with a cotton bud but it pops back out? ones whole insides was draging around behind it until it burst in my incubator? i have 1 fine looking chick and 2 others with a very lite case of the last it hasnt came out? i froze the others for a quick death. any ideas why this is happening?
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  2. TweetyNPetey

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    Well, I have never, in my life, heard of something like that... I hope your chicks get back to normal!
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    Jan 2, 2013
    Hi I was looking for problems like mine with my new chick (incubator used) and found your blog....I had 3 out of 5 eggs hatch the 1st is deformed the other 2 fine...we named the first Miracle since I sort of saved its life twice in the first 2 days of life. The first being just a few minutes after hatching I did chest compressions to get its heart going again since it got too cold. The 2nd was on the 3rd day I was running late for work and didn't have time to check on the new chicks. When my husband got up and checked on them without talking to me first he thought that I had found that it didn't make it through the night and discarded it. Well after 12 hours of work I come home to find my baby on the EXTREMELY cold concrete garage floor figuring it got to exploring and fell off the table,anyways, I once again began chest compressions and warming it and after about 30 minutes its alive but acting zombie like. Hoping I didn't make the wrong decision I put it back in the incubator to keep a constant temp and after about 38 hours my chick it doing well. But is still deformed at the bum. When it hatched apparently it had not completed the retraction of intestines and the surrogate hen (not a good one) helped remove the sac completely. Now my chick is still healing the lack of retraction left a hole but it slowly closing. I will get a pic and post it....he kinda looks like a mini ostrich.But he now has a home for life.

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    No idea why that's happening, maybe some people more familiar with hatch problems will comment. What I would do is don't help and see if they right themselves. If it was at their bellies, I know that sometimes they haven't fully absorbed the yolk and so there are dangling bits. If it really is at their vent, I'm not sure what causes that, other than a temperature/humidity issue, or much older chicks in the incubator with them picking out their insides (doesn't make sense in your case).

    And in the future, freezing is a very slow death. The best thing to do is cut their heads off with scissors--sounds violent, but it is much quicker so they have less time to feel the pain.
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    Feb 12, 2009
    I want to welcome all you new members and I hope your chicks are alright. Sally Sunshine is good with these things contact her I'm sure she can help [​IMG]
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    Mar 1, 2011
    Ew, sounds kind of like prolapse to me but I've never heard of an immature chick having it. I guess they still have the "parts" though so anything is possible. Try dabbing your fingers in Vaseline then push it back in.
  8. emmaye

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    Oct 5, 2014
    I had one hatch Friday 3/24/17 it had its embilical cord attached until today. Now it's eating drinking trying go poop ..Struggling and straining. Checked for pasty butt nope it's vent isn't open you can see where it's suppose to be though. I used a damp paper towel to clear the feathers from area to see what was going on ...I called the emergency vet since it's after 3am they pretty much told me the doctor can look at it but we they aren't and exotics doctor so don't think they can do anything especially that young of a chick. Told me incan try a place in Berkeley it's got an emergency clinic but again the exotic Drs not in until regular morning hours ..... I fell horrible it was the only one of that kind that actually hatched I hope the I left msg on my vet (bird vet) machine but they aren't even open until 9 am hope it makes it to see them today

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