Deformed beak?

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    Oct 16, 2012
    We got a hen in October that had a deformed beak. The breeder we got her from said it shouldn't affect her. However, I've been observing her and it seems to be causing her problems. At times it holds her mouth open and I'm not sure she's able to get much food. I could be wrong, but I also would rather be safe than sorry. The top of the beak is the most deformed part and it bends over the bottom one, I've noticed it's starting to grow longer and curve up. Should I try to trim the beak or just let her be?

    I can provide pictures if need be.
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    A picture would help a lot.

    Forgive me for starting with the usual things, it sounds like you care a lot about her and have probably already covered them, but it's a place to start.

    Is she getting the right feed for her age? Not too many processed foods? Have you tried switching from soy/bean scratch to corn scratch? Lots of help-you-self oyster shells? I find nutrition has a huge effect on beak growth, more than I would have imagined when I first started keeping chickens.

    If you give the hen dry food, try consider changing it. Some do better on pellets, some on crumble, some on porrage (food mixed with water). If she's having trouble getting enough nutrition, try a different form of feed.

    How about a cuttle fish like pet birds have (as well as oyster shells)? If I have a chicken with beak difficulties (split, not growing correctly, &c.) sometimes this helps a lot. Sometimes they won't touch it.

    Do you think it's effecting her breathing?

    Keep a close eye on her weight, if she starts loosing quickly, it's time to do some stronger action.

    Sometimes I will take a troubled hen out of the flock (maybe twice a day) to give them some special food so that they have added nutrition without having to fight for it. This might help her.

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