Deformed chicken


5 Years
Apr 26, 2014
he just hatched about 2 hours ago and well...I think he's gonna die
:he curls up like a ball (inside the egg) his neck goes under himself and every time I set it right he puts it back under...His legs also seem to long for his body..Anyone got suggestions to help him?He doesn't bounce around the incubator like the rest did..he just kind of flops around (in the ball position I described) I'm just wondering what I can do..I'm open to a lot.

UPDATE:He lifts his head up more but his neck is still crooked
UPDATE:His neck is 85% straight it's still slightly crooked but he is a cute little guy,he can walk fine and stumble (like every chick) he's eating and drinking so we know he'll survive,being that he can hold his own!He's a funny buddy!
UPDATE:He has made a full recovery and no longer is at the bottom of the dominant line in the brooder..In fact it's the opposite he is one of the bigger chickens in there!
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5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
Sparks, Nevada
He might not be "deformed". I think he's just the runt of the flock.
I feel sorry to say, but from what I've read online, he might not live for long because he needs more nutrition than the others. Keep your eyes on him.
Good Luck!

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