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Now I've ordered a victorian playhouse last month and still waiting on the delivery !!! I have to get the run built before end of March. Now I got few styles I'm consedering and can't make up my mind so I need help. I'm planning on doing their run approx 8x24 or 10x24. What I can't decide on is how tall the run should be and if it should be A-framed or tilted run.
The victorian playhouse is like this From the ground till the top of the door is 4' ft. The whole playhouse is 94" tall. Should I make a A-framed like these http://www.smithssectionalbuildings...he-thicket-poultry-house/the-thicket-gallery/ or or like this tilted ? The back fence is 6' tall.
How tall should I do the run 6' or 4' ? I don't know if I was able to explain my delema, but if I have, any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Thank you
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Beautiful coop!

I would put the coop in the run and have the access on the outside (like have the run coming from the front or side, either enclosing it or adjacent to it)... make it tall enough to walk in without crouching over. I recommend 6'. If you make the run off to the side, you could mimic the slope of the roof somewhat, or if you have it in front you could do the same there. Consider rainfall, snowfall, wind... where is it going to go, where is it going to land? I like the link for the run in the middle.
I'm planning putting the run on the side of the playhouse. If I make it 6' tall with an A-frame, the snow will land on the neighbors property. Here a pic of where I'm planning on putting the run. It's on the left side.

but their not using it, it's not anywhere near their path.
Thank you for responding
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I am thinking the same thing - put the run on the side and match the slope of the roof with an A frame run. If you cover the a-frame roof with those plastic coorugated panels (whatever) the slope would keep snow off and the rain would also slide off. That would also provide shade in summer and a dense against predators like hawks, etc. If the A frame run is as high as the playhouse roof you could stand up cleaning under the highest point. I hope that makes sense.

IF you enclose the house inside the run, you will need alot more run space to satisfy your flock., unless you plan to free range alot. You will want an apron of wire around the coop edges to prevent digging predators and hardware cloth 1/2" wire mesh up the sides of the run about 2-3Ft. so knowing can reach thru and snag your birds.

Do you have laws that regulate how close to your neighbor the coop/run must be? Also if the neighbor moves out some day the next owner may not like your coop so close to their property line. You might want to consider that also. Neighbors can cause lots of grief. That piece of land is beautiful and level. How is the drainage there? If you have an A frame solid coop roof, you would want to have some kind of ditch/drainage around the sides of coop to keep it from flooding.

I'm sure people with actual building experience can tell you more.
I'm not planning on putting the playhouse inside the run. I made them 3'high 8x8 run for them to range because I got no trees around that yard and hawks and vultures are our predators during the day. It will be nor where near their house or active their backyard. There is a our fence and 10-12 ft away are trees dividing the property and then their 2nd 3 car garage, so they won't even see it. Our policy is to have chickens/coop/run 75' away from neighbors house and it's well over 500 ft away from them. Here a pic I found but I don't have any other pic that shows what I mean.
I would like to make it 4' and then A-Framed roof with shingles but since the back of their run is going to be facing 6', I don't know how the snow will fall off. If I make it tilted, then the front of the run will be approx 8' tall and the back side will be 6'. That area is the driest place in the backyard. I will also do the predator proof.
true, I am a clumsy gal at times, I'm sure I will bump more then I'll like

Would you say 6' plus A-frame or 6' tilted ?
* I made 4 panels 6x8 and headed to homedepot for more wood for framing. I will be building something like this but 12x24

but the roof will be shingles. Using the screw driver at the last panel, sorta screwed my finger and knee, ouch

Thank you all for ideas and suggestions, I will post pic as soon as I can.
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