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Hi All,

Has anyone had a particularly demanding hen... one that starts making a low growling ...bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrkkkkk brrrrkkk brrrrkkk brkkkk at 5am in the morning until you let it out? One that refuses to use the automatic feeder (ok, so maybe it's just stupid), one that repeatedly hurls itself at the door of the coop when it hears you come home?? The coop is a decent size about 9' square and 6' high with only the two of them in it (for now), with plenty of ventilation as it's warm here.

The noise is the worst part - this morning I was running across the back yard to let her out of the coop at 5.30am wearing my PJ's before she woke the neighbours!! I hate letting her get her own way - but it's the only way to shut her up!
sounds like an interesting girl.
YES!!!!!! I have silkies and I have Big MAMA ...if she aint happy no one is!!!
I have some that will go off till come and then its the same old thing...she has my box or took my eggs. There are times I want to pull my hair out but all in all they are a pleasure to have!
They DO have us well-trained, don't they! Who said chickens are aren't smart!
And who said roos are the noisy ones -- chickens can make a LOT of noise when they want to!

My hens can also be demanding, and can put up a ruckus to be let into the yard to free range or when they want some crack (cracked corn). I have stopped giving in and now ignore them when they are rude like that. Not that it has taught them any manners, but I don't want to reinforce bad behavior. I'm hoping to extinguish this particular behavior of theirs.
Just an update - it's still making loads of noise!

We never knew when she laid an egg as she never clucked loudly afterwards. Yesterday morning she was in the nest when I put the other hens back in before we had to go out for the day and I actually saw her lay an egg. She didn't cluck at all - only made only what I can describe as a 'hiss', before turning the egg a few times and settling on it for about 15 minutes. I knew when she got off - as she was soon hurling herself at the coop door making long brrrrrrrrkkkkkkk brrrrrrrkkkkkk noises!

Two weeks ago we went away for one night and when we got back the neighbours asked 'is there something wrong with one of your hens?' they were worried that 'the white one' was eggbound or something as it was just standing in the coop making these horrible noises and they were rather concerned.... 'nope, it's just a jerk of a chicken!'

Friends have offered to make it an ex-chicken, but I couldn't do that, I guess I have to learn to put up with it's strange personality!
I live int h city and have 3 hens. They have an 8' square coop all to themselves and two outside pens that have plenty of room---they do the same darn thing!


It almost becomes ANGRY sounding at times if ignored.when I go sit outside or do yardwork they stop and 'look busy'. As soon as I walk away....ugh....

I have to toss cantelope, rice, cherrios, bananna...whatever I can to shut them up- too hot to lock them in the coop but the neighbors here are not friendly so don't need a visit from animal control....they keep saying "we heard your rooster crowing" and they look puzzled when I say We don't HAVE a rooster.....

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