denizli twins?

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    i put a dozen denizli eggs, i'd been putting aside, into the incubator the other day, and last night, decided that even though it was a day or so early, that i'd candle them.

    i have one heavy bodied hen, with the same coloring as my denizlis, running in the pen with them. i found a huge white egg and assumed it was hers even though she lays a light brown egg.

    imagine my surprise last night when i found not one, but two embryos developing in that big old egg! twin denizlis!

    what kind of chance do i have for these little guys to actually make it thru to hatching? any tips or tricks to share? i'd really appreciate any advice.

    i have no idea how to insert pictures here.....hopefully this will work.

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    Fingers crossed for ya, toes too.................good luck.........
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    It came happen, they can make it! Chances are you will have to help at hatching time though.

    There is a wonderful thread here someone just helped hatch twins and shared a video of how she did it as well!

    I know someone will post the link... I was to say it was last month, or maybe November it was posted.

    Good luck, and CONGRATS!

    (Do you have photos of your chickens, I don't quite know the kind you speak of!?)
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    Here's a video link: Believe speckledhen had a double yolker experience too. [​IMG]
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  7. ntiveheart

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    here are the little twin denizli on day 5:
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    The odds aren't good, but it's been done before.

    I'm rooting for ya! [​IMG]
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    A little off topic, but nice egg candler... Wish mine was that good
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    Quote:its only a mini mag light (l.e.d) from walmart. under $20
    runs on 2 little AA batteries.
    necessity is the mother of invention, so they say! LOL

    sure beats the one i made of an oatmeal box and a lamp fixture, that's for sure!

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