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    Do you want backyard chickens, but you don't want to set up a brooder? Don't want the mess of baby chicks inside? Let Moonflower Farms help. We just got a bunch chicks to raise until they are ready to go outside at your home. We are also hatching 13 eggs of rare breed chicks that may also be available. These listed are sexed to be female.

    The chicks are currently approximately 1 week old, and the chicks in the brooder will hatch on March 19th.

    Email me to either 1. Select your chicks and pay for them, then come pick them up on April 25th when they're feathered and ready to go, or 2. Be added to my list to let know when they're ready, and you can select from what breeds are not claimed and paid for. I'll send update photos for everyone who is on the list or has purchased.

    2 chick minimum, they are flock birds, and 3 or more is preferable. They will not be big enough to incorporate with the rest of your flock at 7 weeks, so you'll need a protected place for them if you already have some chickens. Local pick up in Golden/Arvada only. The following are available (subject to sale):

    $10 each:
    4 Astrolorps (very prolific layers of brown eggs and beautiful)
    2 Rhode Island Red
    2 White leghorns (one of our favorite breeds, prolific all year of jumbo white eggs, and lay for more years than other breeds.)
    4 Barred rocks

    $12 each:
    1 Light Brahma (great breed with kids)
    5 Easter Eggers-green or blue eggs! See egg photo Always a best seller because of the high production of colored eggs.
    4 Wellsummers- pretty copper color and gorgeous dark brown eggs (see egg photo with examples from our grown hen)
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