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Jan 7, 2018
Wichita Falls, TX
Hi y'all! I got chicks on Wednesday to add to my current flock. Two of my hens (I guess from hearing them) are acting like they are broody, and my precious baby girl Bluesy began acting strange. She is droopy and has her head facing the back wall of a nesting box she was laying in this morning. She doesn't seem to be losing color on her comb and wattles. She is breathing normally except for big breaths like she is sighing sometimes. I can't find any kind of poop that seems alarming. Her nasal canal is clean. Her feet are normal. Her eyes are normal. The last time I saw her eat was on Wednesday. I haven't seen her drink anything since I was not home all day Thursday. She has been laying normally. I would like to know if it could be depression and if so, how to help her. Thank you for your responses. :confused:
My duck is doing exactly the same thing. Facing the wall, mostly laying down. Not eating only drinking once in a while, he wouldn't even splash his body when I tried to let him swim. Oh yeah and the deep breaths like his sighing.
When my girl faced the back wall & closed her eyes & sighed, she was in pain. She ended up laying several soft shell eggs.
But you say Bluesy is laying normally.

I would get her food & water so whatever it is, she can keep her strength up to fight it. Will she eat if you offer her food or treats? You can try adding water to her feed so it's a mash. Or a hard boiled egg.

Otherwise I'd wait for more advice from experts.
I forgot to mention that she used to have a sister named Dia. Dia was her best friend. She was killed by a possum one day and Bluesy did not act the same afterwards. It took her about 3 months for her to become normal. I think that the arrival of these new chicks may have triggered some memories or something. Is that possible??
Bluesy has taken an epsom salt bath and is now asleep in my garage in a box. I am still not sure what she has since she has not pooped. I don't know if she will make it through the night... Any ideas of what she has would be fantastic! SHE IS NOT EGG-BOUND. Could she be constipated? Is that even possible in chickens? Please just help me!
Same here mine does not look like she will make it. Now she is not eating or drinking, I got the brewers yeast but she won't drink even with a syringe.
We must be connected in some way, went through the same thing at the. Same time, mine died before I woke as well

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