Depressed hen


6 Years
Sep 22, 2013
We had a rooster and a hen 7 months old, siblings raised together. We live in the city and had to find a new home for the rooster. The hen has been laying eggs but has not laid one in a couple of days now. We were advised to get a couple of pullets to aid the hen in the transition. We introduced the two 18 week old pullets in the night with no problem. The first couple of days there was some bullying and we separated them for a few hours and the bullying stopped. Now the hen stays in the coop all the time and appears to not be eating. When we put her in the run she just retreats to the coop most of the time. If she is in the run she paces back and forth in one corner (the same corner every time) of the run looking like she wants out.

The pullets appear to be well adjusted and eating and drinking OK.

Any advice?

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