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    Mar 14, 2016
    Hey guys! I have a wyandotte hen who is probably about 4/5 years old. Yesterday I noticed that she wouldn't get off the porch and seemed sad. she usually sleeps on the porch at night but during the day goes out and does chicken things all day with the rest of the flock.
    Her comb is bright red.
    I could not feel an egg bound.
    I do not know when she layed last - I get the same color eggs from all my hens.
    I fed her some meal worms and she ate them.
    Her poop is runny & somewhat green
    She seems sad & doesn't hold her tail feathers up unless I annoy her.
    She stands with one foot knuckled over but has no appearance of injury/problems to it & walks perfectly fine.

    Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
    If I need to check something else please tell me. I plan to put her on my screened in porch and monitor her more closely when I get home today.

    Thanks !!!!
    - Courtney :)

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