"Designer" dogs or just plain old mutts?????

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Just wondering if anyone else is getting a little freaked out by all the "designer dogs" these days? Seems like every Uh oh litter due to someone's irresponsibility gets called a designer. You have Shih Poo, morkie, goldendoodle (these are black for crying out loud), pom poo, chi poo, this one takes the cake I think...someone selling a "soft coated wheaten we saw tied up with out chihuahua at least 3 times" for $800. What a way to get rid of an unwanted litter....gone are the days of straying them (yeah, that would be awesome if it were true) lets pretend it is a cool "designer" and sell our mistake to someone else!!! You know, I am still undecided on my feelings about responsibly breeding pure dogs....there are just some dogs that are too special. However, I think most of us are disgusted by people who casually let their animals breed creating more unwanted mutts. How is the whole designer dog boom any different than any other UH OH litter ever born? Anyway, it is almost 3:30 AM, can't sleep, felt the need to rant.

Oh, before I get ripped to shreds, if you have a "designer dog" you love I am NOT trying to step on toes here. I have owned/loved/cherished many a mutt. I am just REALLY confused by this new trend.
Oh I can't stand designer breeds...It's upsetting for people like me ( I breed chihuahuas) and I try to keep to the breed standard because they are awesome dogs. Then people want to make their own breed, and make up random mixes they can charge more for. Don't get me wrong, I love mutts. My best dogs are mutts, but I got one for $30 another for $60 and my recently fixed Border Collie/Lab mix was free.
It bothers me when they call them designer breeds....

Now with chickens it's different.

I agree though it's becoming an out of control trend.

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Oh and should I add that they are doing breeding that can produce bad traits or health risks that can ruin a dogs livelihood? Some of these mixes require C-sections on the mom and a dog should not have a c- secion more than once..if you can help it from happening at all.
LOL it is cool someone who breeds chihuahua's was the frst to post.
I used to think they were horrible little dogs.....until I had one move next door to me! He loves to come over and say hi when he is out going pee.
OMG he is the cutest, smartest, most precious little dog!!!! He totally changed my opinion of them. And they are one of the ones so many "designer" breeders use to make a small sized mix. I just hope this "trend" stops before there are millions of unwanted mutts, deliberately bred just to be cute.
I took my chihuahua to get shots at a shot clinic recently and I saw a couple with three dogs. One dog was obviously a lab and one other was obvious it was a standard poodle but the other dog I had to ask about and I really wish I had not asked. They went into this big long story about how it was a 5th generation chocolate labradoodle or however you spell it. They said that since it was a 5th generation that it was a pure breed but the dog association won't accept it. They then informed me that this "mutt" dog was worth over 10 grand!!!!!!!!! I just smiled and said "Wow, nice" but inside I was thinking "Are you retarded?" I am not a professional dog person and I can't say that I am up to speed on all the dog stuff either but I can't even think of one purebred dog on the planet that would be worth 10 thousand dollars much less a MUTT. A mutt that they intentionally created. Would the westminster winner even bring that kind of money?
A lot of these 'designer' breeds are now being bred by puppy mills, too. There is a pet store chain here in Ks which carries designer bred puppies, and we see quite a few of their Parvo puppies at our clinic . We see a goodly number of shelter dogs with it as well, but when dogs are coming from a 'breeder' that should never happen. Are people really still so uninformed? If someone wants a 'designer' dog, they should go to a shelter and save a life. It just floors me the number of people who will pay big $$$$ for a 'designer' dog when they could have the same thing for much less from a shelter. Go figure.
Sorry, a little off topic, but it's late and I need sleep.
Kinda sad actually but last time I checked the SPCA here for a puppy for our son it was going to cost 125.00 out the door for the dog and they wanted to come to my home every three months unannounced to check on the dog for the next year. I could not believe it. I can understand that they don't want the dogs to go to a bad place but the pounds are FULL here and this is part of the problem. I got off topic but I agree that the "designer" thing has gotten way out of control.
i'd never own a goldendoodle or any of the other designer dogs.. And i tell ya. IF i did.. it'd be free from someone who owned both and it just happened to happen. Pure bred RARE BREEDS.. from what i've seen don't even go for that much. the most i ever spent on a dog is 250, German shepherd from great bloodlines.. it'll most likely be the most i ever spend as well.. though i was going for 300 for a great pyrenees. Can't put a price on those dogs in my opinion
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Actually, I don't think ANY of the things mentioned are "off topic" since there are so many negative aspects to this type of "breeding". I am really glad to see I am not the only one who is really getting frustrated with it. And OMG a 5th generation Labradoodle!!!
that is kinda twisted! There is NO dog on the planet I would consider "worth" $10,000. Each of my pets is priceless but that is a different story all together.
And yeah, DTchickens, Great Pyrenees really are awesome dogs!! But I kinda like Great Danes better.
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