Designer eggs pipping tonight!! Now hatching! SS. EE,NH, and blue Orp


Prairie Wolf Farm Asylum
10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
NE Kansas
My first hatch of the season, and the pipping has begun. 2 of the SS and one of the sex-link crosses are just starting to pip. My 'breeds' are:

Speckled Sussex X SS, or Blue Orpington
NH x SS or Blue Orp
Easter Egger x SS or Orp

Black sex-link x EE

I'm hoping to be able to tell who the dad was by color, as I think my Orp roo should produce only blue, black, or splash babies. Not 100% positive, though. I set 20 eggs and pulled 2 clears a few days ago. The rest looked good as far as I could tell. Will post pics when I can
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