Desperate to know if this is a rooster or a hen. Please help! Thank you so much!


5 Years
Apr 9, 2014
We bought him/her at three months old (pretty sure) that would make him/her around 6 months old. He/She is an easter egger. The other day he /she was making a noise I hadn't heard before, but it didn't quite sound like crowing. I'm not sure what it was. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

No, but I could be off a little on his age. The guy we bought them from was hard to understand. I know he is getting plenty to eat as we offer feed and he gets to free range in the garden and we also give extra supplements. Thank you both so much! Glad to know we have a boy! =)
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Oh yeah. Little rooster. One of my young RIR cockerels made such a strange crow to start with. Like a burp followed by a grunt followed by a shriek followed by a holler followed by a scream followed by a steam whistle. Shame. What an artist. Stray dog got him and put an end to his artistry.

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