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Here is a tip that some people don't know. When eggs are being incubated, you can determine the viability of an egg (middle-to-late incubation) by floating the egg in a cup of warm (100 degrees) water. After putting the egg in the water, allow the egg and water to quit shaking. Then observe. Viable eggs will gently rock back and forth while nonviable eggs will not move at all. This works for any type of egg you are incubating, from emu to canary.

Length of Incubation
Approximate incubation periods (in days) for commonly hatched poultry and game bird species in small incubators are:

Chicken 21
Most ducks 28
Muscovy ducks 33-35
Turkey 28
Most geese 29-31
Ringneck pheasant 23-24
Japanese quail 17-18
Bobwhite quail 23
Chuckar partridge 22-23
Guinea 26-28
Peafowl 28

These times may vary slightly, depending upon incubation temperature, genetic differences, and other factors.

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