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    My 3 chickens are 16 weeks old. they have never been on medicated food or anything. I use small amounts of DE in their bedding and sometimes give them yogurt and garlic adn apple cider vinegar (people on BYC told me to do this sometimes) as preventative measures. They have never had worms and they seem very healthy and I hope happy. Also, I check their poo regularally and it is clean. I was just wondering if I am ever supposed to deworm (with medication) them even though there are no signs of worms? Just to be "carefull"? Just wondering. They will be laying soon and want to make sure we wont find worms or there are some gross things I should be aware of considering they have never been on medicated anything.
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    De-worming with medication is hard on your birds. I would never de-worm with medication unless I had a problem (i.e. actually saw worms). Remember worm medication is "poison." You are poisoning your birds to an extent to kill parasitic worms but not enough to kill them. In a healthy environment, worms & chickens live in balance and will not be a problem.

    Some people believe otherwise & worm annually. I never have and have not had a worm problem.
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    If it poisons their birds why do they do it every year?
    So, if I dont have worms..or see signs of worms..dont deworm.
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    I have been keeping/raising chickens for 10 years and have never wormed them with medication, ever. I suppose alot do but I have never seemed to have a problem and have nice, healthy chickens.

    "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it". lol
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    I totally agree with the other two posters, though many on here will tell you to worm on a regular basis. If you are worried, have a fecal float done by your vet (or learn to do it yourself)--then you will know if there really is an issue, and if there is, the proper medication to use for that worm.

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