it preventatively or when you see a problem?

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    I just got two girls from a ranch, and I'm afraid to put them in with my other chickens because I'm not sure if they are sick or not. I was reading up on sicknesses and some said to deworm chickens regularly just as a preventative method, and others said only if there are signs that the chickens have worms. I wouldn't know how to check for worms. Would there be little crawling things in the feces? Or are they something I can't see? Any help!?
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    Keep the new chickens seperate from your flock for at least 2 weeks some say 4 weeks. You have to make sure they are not carring any nasty things like corri or worse.
    If you see worms in the poo it means the chickens are infected bad with worms.
    It may take a couple of doses to get rid of them
    If the chickens seem a good weight and are happy I wouldnt worry about worming at the moment.
    There are alot of preventives out there
    pumkin seeds
    cayneene pepper

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