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    Jun 13, 2013
    I know my chickens have roundworms based on a fecal analysis. I would like to worm them now while I am getting such a small amount of eggs. Most of them are in some stage of molting at this time.They have never been wormed. Is it safe to give Wazine to molting chickens or is it better to wait for them to finish molting? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Michael Apple

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    Piperizine has some effectiveness against roundworms, but worms in birds have been found to be resistant to it. You can use it during moult. Certain wormers, oxfendazole and fenbendazole are known to cause deformed feather growth, so their use should be avoided during a moult. I would suggest changing wormers every so often to prevent worms from building resistance. Valbazen solution contains Albendazole which is effective against all worms. The oral dosage is .5cc for large fowl and .25cc for Bantams done with a syringe without the needle. If just worming with Valbazen, you worm once, then again 10 days later. Or you could go ahead and do a first treatment with Wazine, then do a second worming with Valbazen. I look at worming this way; if one type of worm is present, then others may be as well, so you want to use not only what is safe, but broad spectrum to be effective.

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